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Rorschach Boxers

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USA-BOX, International Association of Canine Professionals, United States Mondioring Association, Protection Sports Association member

Dog passionate since 1980- Boxers and Bulldogs are breeds I have been drawn to my entire life. I showed Bulldogs in my 30’s, including world famous Rorschach’s Mystery Man ‘Hammie’, a BCA Gold Ambassador for Health. 
The breeding program at Rorschach Boxers is a small and slow process. We are a family first. Our Boxers are our family dogs. Careful consideration is given to every breeding as I breed for my own program first. 
My focus is to build up a strong foundation with the best European bloodline pedigrees. My priorities are Boxer breed appropriate temperament, breed standard working drive, health and longevity.  
This is done first through preventative genetic health testing that result in puppies that are not affected by inherited preventable diseases. My Boxers are screened for inherited genetic diseases ARVC 1 & 2, DM, and Boxer type A hemophilia. They are also screened for cardiac disease, thyroid disease, and deformities of the hips, spine, elbows and knees. 
Temperament is just as important as health- all babies ever born in our home (whether foster babies or purposely bred) are rigorously socialized. Parents are temperament screened to ensure that breed standard temperament is passed on. This starts with the AKC STAR Puppy certification when they are small and continues with working titles as they become adults. 
I am a member of United States Boxer Association, Protection Sports Association, IACP, USMRC.  My focus for temperament is to create Boxers with working dog drive while maintaining their breed’s loving beautiful personality. A Boxer that will protect your family without hesitation and also be a living wiggly teddy bear. Creating the perfect Boxer- the best boxer you’ve ever known- is my goal. 

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Available Babies

Sorry! No puppies this time!

We may have Boxer babies available in the future. Please contact us to be placed on a waiting list for any upcoming planned litters. All babies will be guaranteed unaffected from inherited diseases and intensively socialized. We also may have foster babies available on occasion. 

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Puppies planned for late 2024/early 2025. 

Please contact to be placed on an informal wait list for babies. 
Puppy parents will be European import JR CH Lincoln Cekerbox & Rorschach’s Will Forever Be That Bxtch D’Valhalla

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Our Males

European import sired. Genetically health tested for ARVC 1 & 2, and for Degenerative Myleopathy. Contact us for further information 

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Our Females

European import sired multi Ch beautiful pedigree. Phenomenal temperament! Meg has such a perfect Boxer type where it matters the most- her temperament. She is personality plus. However, she is also beautiful. Meg has all European in her pedigree and they are all gorgeous Boxers. She has such a lovely head. 
Meg is genetically health tested for ARVC 1 & 2, and for Degenerate Myleopathy. 

I have high hopes for her future here! 

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A working diet for working dogs

The Boxers here are fed a combination raw and Homemade diet. 
Links to durable safe treats can be found here as well as recipes for homemade appropriate foods to supplement a raw diet. 

Performance & working dogs (and high energy dogs in general) require this diet and do not generally do well on kibbled foods. 

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