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2025 Waitlist Open

Babies should be here early 2025!

Wait list is open and there ARE spots available!

This breeding between Megan & Link will be all about temperament ❤️ Very sweet squishy babies are anticipated out of this pair. Both working/sport and companion homes will be perfect for these babies. Get ahold of me and let me know what your needs are!

Applications can be processed through GoodDog - Rorschach Boxers (preferred method as it protects the buyer and the breeder) or we can talk through email :)

Please note: I don’t take deposits for my wait list. All applicants do need to be approved before being placed on the wait list. This can be through a simple conversation by email (above) or by filling out an application on GoodDog (preferred method).

I cannot guarantee that everyone on the wait list will receive a puppy- there are only so many spots available and I place puppies based on what my families are looking for in a Boxer. I may not have a puppy for you in this litter or I might have the perfect puppy for you. I need you to communicate what your needs are in a Boxer so that I can match the best puppy for you.

If you are matched with a puppy, I will require a non refundable deposit of $500 to hold your puppy which is applied towards the purchase agreement price of your puppy. If this is not paid within 5 days, your spot on the waiting list will be considered forfeit. If for whatever reason you are unable to fulfil your purchase agreement for your puppy due to unforeseen circumstances, you may move your deposit to another litter. Be aware that we do not frequently have puppies.

Boxer puppies are living beings so we can’t control all of the variables in dog breeding. I hope for everyone on my wait list to get what they hope for and match everyone to their perfect puppy! If there is a particular puppy that really resonates with you, please let me know and we can talk about that puppy in depth. I truly want everyone to be matched to their puppy that they have for life.

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