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Adventures in Canine Culinary Exploration

I'm so glad you're here!

This is something that I am so passionate about. For however long you stay- I'm happy you've decided to join us!

I will be posting some of my Homemade dog food recipes here in the upcoming weeks as I have the energy and time. Sorry, no recipes today. Just a picture of my dogs taking their rabbit fuzzies.

These fuzzies came from a company called 'Naked Beasts'. They are already cleaned (gutted) and then dehydrated so that they are shelf stable. Naked Beasts is a small business, so they don't have the fuzzies in stock very often. It's kind of like... if the rabbit babies (that are being raised for meat) happen to die of natural causes, then they make use of them by selling as fuzzies.

The Boxers love these. They only last about 10-15 minutes though.

These don't make a mess like you might imagine. Yea, they do crumble everywhere. The dogs eat every single tiny piece. If you put them in the freezer they are supposed to last longer.

7/10 stars



dogs love them

Fur good for their digestion

Rabbit is not usually allergenic- 'cooling' protein

Generally eco friendlier meat



They are gone fast- but can try freezing them

You might find this too sad to feed to your dogs

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