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Catfish steam dog food

This one was inspired by Walmart having frozen Catfish nuggets on sale. I bought a bunch of 2lb bags of them.

For this recipe I used two 2 lb bags.

Full recipe:

4 lb catfish

2 cans salmon (with skin and bones, nothing added)

1 can chub mackerel

1 can Tripett tripe (100% tripe, I used beef this time)

1 liver (any source, I used beef this time)

4 cups rice, soaked and drained

1 cup quinoa, soaked and drained

1/2 cup oatmeal

1/3 cup flax meal

1 can pumpkin (100%)

Random veggies - handful (for this recipe shown I used 1 whole carrot, chopped, and 1/4 bell pepper chopped)

Random fruits- handful (for this recipe I used frozen mixed berries, chopped finely)

1/3 cup olive oil

How to:

Pressure cook the grains, veggies and meat while you prep the rest as shown below. Idk about yours, but my pressure cooker takes longer to pressurize than it does to actually cook.

Separate huge bowl:

Canned pumpkin, canned tripe, canned fish. Plus enough water to rinse out the cans.

Mix this up until the pumpkin & tripe are mixed together and the fish is broken up into smaller pieces. Then add the berries mixed with a little tiny bit of water.

Sprinkle your oats and flax meal on top of this. The oats will soak up all of that extra water in there.

Mix, and it will look like this. At this point the pressure cooker may or may not be done with your meats veggies and grains.

This is what the catfish mix looked like straight out the cooker, stirred up a little and with the oil poured in.

Incorporate the catfish veggie grain mix from the pressure cooker into your bowl and mix it up! Then it's ready to portion and freeze, or store in the fridge (or both). You can put it into freezer bags and store flat in the freezer if you're low on space.

This is the finished product ready to feed. Yes I fed my Helper Bears each a bowl after taking this picture ❤️

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