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We finally got some updated photos of Megan to share!

She is the definition of enthusiasm so that isn't always the easiest to capture in still photographs.

I'm hoping that her Boxer personality will show in these photos. She has a perfect temperament.

Her jaw and bite are phenomenal. She has a beautiful head. Megan also has great Boxer feet with lil cat toes.

Megan is starting to fill in. It is taking a long time. Her lines are slow maturing. Being patient is hard for me but the wait is worth it! She won't lose her tuck-up (her figure) so it's definitely worth it as opposed to her maturing quickly and being an incorrect shape/no shaped barrel. She will slowly come into her self and have the classic Boxer figure that we all recognize and love.

Overall Megan is a beautiful example of the breed in so many ways and we are blessed to have her.

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